Bluefield runs two core renewable energy strategies. One is a permanent capital model which is focused on delivering long term value through stable yield and income. The other looks at special situations, where the holding period is relatively short and the objective is to create a capital gain for the investors.

Bluefield is ideally placed to deliver on these strategies because of its unique platform. We have attracted over $1 billion into our solar investment strategies since 2011 and have generated above target returns for our investors across every fund we have established.

Renewables as an Investment

Renewable energy investments give investors the opportunity to access real assets, long dated revenues and to participate in the energy transition as decarbonisation accelerates.

Investors have a range of different opportunities from low risk, stable yield assets such as solar through to more complex technologies, such as anaerobic digestion and biomass. Bluefield’s approach is to target the assets that offer the most attractive risk/reward, such as solar, wind and hydro alongside storage technologies.

Our Strategy

Bluefield’s investment methodology is distinct from many traditional fund managers and has delivered sector leading performance. We are much more than an investment team.

The highly experienced investment professionals are supported by technical and engineering professionals, who work in tandem with them to enhance the investment decision making process. It enables Bluefield to go into an investment process earlier than many traditional asset managers and to evaluate opportunities faster and more accurately.

Business model

Bluefield Partners LLP works closely with affiliates Bluefield Services Ltd, Bluefield Operations Ltd and Bluefield Renewable Developments Limited, collectively forming the Bluefield Group.

The Bluefield Group is uniquely positioned to maximise the growing opportunity in renewable energy as the world’s energy markets move away from fossil fuels towards a low carbon, and sustainable, future. Made up of four separate, complementary businesses, the Bluefield Group has the expertise to develop, invest, optimise and operate renewable energy assets over the long term. Aligned and coordinated decision making, alongside efficient management systems, has resulted in a highly effective business model. The component businesses work seamlessly together under one shared objective: to maximise returns for our investors.

As a result of this business model, we have a heightened level of communication, alignment and transparency that has been proven to return better results than with the outsourcing of conventional third party asset management or O&M duties.


Subsidy Free Market

Since Bluefield was established in 2009, the cost of solar modules has reduced by over 90%.

In the past five years, renewable technologies such as wind and solar have become the cheapest form of energy for the majority of the world’s population. The economics of renewable energy not requiring subsidies to compete with fossil fuels is transforming the energy markets and enabling the adoption of low carbon energy at the fastest and most cost effective rate ever.